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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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moved out of the picture. the low clouds are not out and these low clouds can sit here, meandering and doing nothing. all of a sudden they can take off with a kicker. low clouds and plenty to go from the north to the south with his low cloud deck, late in the season, but still plenty. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, and a lot of low 60s. 61 in martinez, 58 in lafayette, and we have the's onshore breeze. -- the onshore breeze. look for clearing to take place but a slow process with his weak system coming in pushing in the low. 60s and 70s with a few low 80s. >> it is a mess on 580. we have to start there at 580 in the castro valley area at the
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dublin grade we have crash that will be busy and blocking lanes westbound 580 over the dublin grade. it has been there since 4 am, and the traffic is backed up from the dublin interchange. the commute will be very slow. heading out to that seen in a moment as soon as i get to some of the other commutes to help you get to work. highway 4 is very slow with that earlier accident on highway 4. that was not as serious but the traffic from antioch out to the base point is slow. -- bay point is slow. we will see a lot of slow traffic at this morning some slowing in richmond so that is the good news for that commute. there are big problems for the commute on interstate 580. westbound 580 lanes are blocked on the dublin grade with a big rig crash.
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leigh martinez is at the scene.>> reporter: we are at the dublin canyon road which is the alternative route. here is a look at 580 westbound and backed up for about four miles. this castro valley area, we have a big distance between these two exits so you will have to sit in this traffic for about four miles from the foothill exit to the eden canyon road. the number four lane is open causing traffic to move a little bit. just after 4 am the semi truck stalled in the number three lane and minutes later a second semi truck's word -- swerved to avoid crashing into the vehicle but it crashed into the stall semi along with another vehicle. this is a fatal accident. we do not know from which vehicle the fatality occurred at this time. there is also a large amount of fluid on the highway and hazmat
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has been called out. as we take a live look at the semi truck behind this fire truck, you can see it was a fully loaded semi truck which is complicating matters because they have to get it unloaded. caltrans has to be called out to unload the truck before they can get it up right. again, they are saying it will be a very long time. if you are already stuck in this you will be stuck for quite a while. they have the far right lane open but that is a slow commute. they encourage you to get off at the foothill if you are on the highway, and take the alternative route which is the dublin canyon road. again, the eden canyon exit is also an alternate. thank you for the update and people, it is unfortunate, and we want to remind people we send out traffic alerts through the ktvu news app. we will
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continue to update this story. it is 6:04 am. the camel police are searching near highway 17 and cypress lane after shots were fired. the police were called to the home on cypress lane around 1140 with reports of a man prowling in the area. there were explosions outside. when the officers arrived the suspect took off shooting his gun and the chp closed the southbound lanes of highway 17 in that area while they tried to track down the suspect. they found him lying face down near the creek and he was arrested. they were in the area to make sure no one else was involved. if you live at alameda point in the east bay you are still told not to drink the tap water or cook with it. they have announced you can bathe or shower safely in that water solons you flush your water fixtures for lease 10
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minutes before getting into the water. this partial lift comes after the city and east bay mud found the bacteria was due to the irrigation well in contact with the drinking lines. that water has been flushed and more tests came back negative for bacteria. more than 250 residents and 60 businesses have been affected by the warning. president trump inviting top democrats to the white house for dinner last night that the president and democratic leaders are telling two different stories on what they agreed upon regarding immigration your doug luzader has more from washington your >> reporter: this is the president outreach to democrats but the future of the much promised border wall is now in question. >> reporter: the president trump give up on the border wall and offering democrats the ultimate promise of citizenship for the illegal immigrants that
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came to the country's children, the dreamers, no longer protected by the dock a policy. -- daca policy. we agreed to enshrine the protection of the daca quickly and to work out a package's acceptable to both sides excluding the wall. >> we want to do something in a bipartisan fashion. >> reporter: earlier in the day the president hinted at compromise but huckabee sanders said, "excluding the wall was certainly not agreed to. >> reporter: will the president risked alienating his base court democrats with that signature campaign issue, and some were incensed, tweeting out that if the associated press report is correct, the trump bases bono, destroyed,
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irrefutable, and disillusioned beyond repair." >> reporter: there is still an open question on how much slack supporters of president trump will give him on an issue like the border wall. doug luzader, fox news. earlier this morning president trump tweeted his version, "no deal was made last night on daca . massive border security what have been agree to but in exchange for consent which is subject to vote -- the wall will continue to be built." it is 6:07 am. coming up, the latest on the relief effort after hurricane irma and when the electricity and power will be back on for millions. chinatown is getting the green light in we will tell you about this new series focusing
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on this san francisco neighborhood. we have crash on 580 that is blocking nearly all of the lanes of 580 on the dublin grade. we will tell you what that is doing to the livermore commute, and it has been here going on two hours and at least for another few hours it will be here. the fall is officially eight days away but fall-like over the next week.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:11 am. right now president trump is on his way to florida to see firsthand the damage from hurricane irma. air force one caring the president and first lady took off from joint base andrews in maryland going to naples and fort myers, florida and joined by vice president mike pence and his wife meeting with the hurricane victims and with first responders. this is the third visit from the president to the states hit by hurricane in less than three weeks and he went to texas, louisiana after hurricane harvey. utility workers in florida are working around the clock trying to get the power back on with millions affected by hurricane irma. the biggest utility company, florida power & light, said that irma has caused the most
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widespread damage in the history of the company. they hope to have the power back on for the customers on the east coast by the into the weekend but in other areas it could take weeks. there are over 21,000 workers trying to get the power back on including many bay area pg&e crews. lauren blanchard is in fort myers with more on what is happening today.>> reporter: the crews continue to work furiously to get the electricity flowing after the death of over a half dozen senior citizens adding new urgency to the effort. >> reporter: driving to parts of florida you would think that irma just left a few hours ago with people being overwhelmed by the scope of the damage caused by the wind, rain and the lingering impact on the basic services. >> the rains came and the tied -- high tide came up. >> we had nowhere.
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>> we had no water. >> i have about two bottles of water left.>> reporter: the wind from irma left one nursing home in hollywood without air conditioning resulting in the death of eight patients with 100 other seniors rushed out of that facility. dozens were struggling to breathe in a criminal investigation is underway. >> i think this is the emerging scandal of gargantuan proportion. >> reporter: the town mayor is asking people to help to prevent similar tragedies with volunteers spanning out around the retirement communities checking in on the seniors, providing supplies like ice and bottled water. >> there was one gentleman that needed insulin, and he needed ice for that insulin.>> reporter: the worst areas are getting a visit from president trump today and expected to tour areas in fort myers and naples. from fort myers, lauren
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blanchard, fox news. three children were found dead at a home in west sacramento and the police responded to the domestic violence at the apartment at 9:00 last night and found the children inside. the suspect, robert hodges, was arrested just after midnight. he was married to the mother of the children and she said she saw him kill her children and that she was a victim of domestic violence. there is no word yet on exactly how those children died. >> this is sad not only for that family but the police officers and firefighters. this is very difficult, especially for these folks on our team. >> investigators have not confirmed whether hodges was the father of the children, and the names and ages of the children have not been released. the san francisco police made three arrests in connection with the deadly shooting last month and the gun used in the homicide was stolen from the san francisco police
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officer. the victim was 23-year-old able estabel and found early august 15 and he died at the hospital. the san francisco police say that 18-year-old eric garcia pineda was arrested on monday and booked for the homicide, and the 24-year-old jesus perez- araujo is facing robbery, burglary and conspiracy, and 18-year-old daniel cruz was arrested yesterday and facing charges of homicide along with other charges your the gun used in the shooting was the personal gun of a san francisco police officer that was stolen from his own car a couple of days before the killing. the internal investigation is underway into how that gun was stolen. the bay area voters could soon be asked if you want to pay an extra three dollars to cross the bay area seven state run bridges. the state assembly approved the bill to ask the voters to raise the bridge tolls and that would
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be used to find the 30 transit projects used at aiming to reduce congestion. it will go to the senate and then to the governor's desk and they will likely see the westin on the ballot june of next year or november of next year. critics question whether a higher bridge toll is the best way to find the project. it is interesting. i would like to know how many people are going to vote yes to pay another three dollars to cross the bridge. >> that may not be popular. we have to update you if you're just joining us, 580 westbound at eden canyon road we have a deadly truck crash that happened a few hours ago. one person has been killed with several injured on 580. the traffic is backed up into pleasanton. getting across the dublin grade will be very slow. some people on 680 instead heading down south, and traffic will be busier this way as
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well. the traffic, and i think people have heard about it because the last time we to be crash like this we had more slowing. this morning it is not quite as bad yet and hopefully it will not be. talking about the other commutes, highway 4 slow out of antioch over to concord with 680 slowing into walnut creek. i-80 is moderate traffic. at the bridge is backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay. let's talk about the weather with steve paulson. let's get to some of the rainfall yesterday, either all lightning or good rain, but the most rain was up by santa rosa and sebastopol. here is joanne curtis that sent in this, .45 near downtown, and i saw the airport a couple that were a quarter inch or two point 45 -- .45. dyson bill had a quarter of an
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inch -- geysonville had a quarter of an inch. also up it black diamond, they had 5/100. we have a cooldown much of the southwest included in moving into phoenix they are talking about cooler weather. we have a lot of low clouds in place, and it will be hard to budge for some. 50s and 60s on the temperatures but i don't think they will change much with most locations already cloudy. menlo park 60, 58 it los altos hills, pacifica 56 and montero 59. the san francisco water boot 62 and half moon bay 64. i bet they come down 5 to 7
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degrees this time next week with this strong northwest breeze. west end oakland at 15 and out for the delta, and crockett at 15, travis at 21, the we have this breezy and cooler pattern. we had that funnel waterspout yesterday, and the wind will calm down south today. we have this first weak system brushing by us and carving itself out. temperatures coming down at mendocino county and lake county. vacaville 82 with 70s in between, mid 70s for almost everybody, marin county, sumner county and even toward eastern contra costa county. 60s and 70s at berkeley, alameda and oakland, cool at san jose, and 70s, low to mid at the peninsula. redwood city at 76, and a
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little warmer saturday, and then get ready for major cooldown sunday into tuesday. >> most of us like those mid 70s, pleasant sleeping weather. >> also for working out during the day. it is 6:20 am. there could be new rules for the younger drivers, and coming up we have bill sitting on the governor's desk and what it means if you are under the age of 21. free speech back in the spotlight at berkeley in we will tell you what to expect at uc berkeley as another controversial speaker makes his appearance tonight.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. crews are making slow but steady process on the wildfires and cal fire said that the woodside fire was 30% contain, up from 10% earlier in the day. that fire started after lightning struck the hills off the road and 60 acres have been burned but no homes are threatened. all the wildfires burning across the western u.s. and canada affecting air-quality invisibility. a total of 62 fires are burning in the western states, and california, oregon and montana the hardest hit, 8 million
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acres burning in the u.s. this year. it is 6:23 am. secretary of state rex tillerson in london meeting with officials from britain and france to talk about the nuclear threat and north korea -- in north korea and how to achieve peace in libya. the country is split into the east and west separate militia and political faction. the drivers under the age of 21 could be facing new restrictions under the bill heading to the governor's desk and if he signs it all new drivers under the age of 21 will be given provisional licenses for the first year. during that time they will not be able to drive between 11 pm and 5 am unless they're going to or from school or work. they will not be able to drive passengers under the age of 21 either. the restrictions apply to drivers under the age of 18 right now. >> i think this is very
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inconvenient. it kind of feels like a punishment for younger people. >> the younger generation could not be more prone to distractions in the car due to lack of experience behind the wheel. >> four years ago the governor be told a similar bill calling it too restrictive. >> the author of the bill says that proposed changes will protect the young drivers and make our roads safer. it is 6:25 am. amazon has ordered a new one-hour drama series about the crime in chinatown in the 19th century, focusing on the clashes between the organized crime families in chinatown. the "tong wars" took place in the late 1800s. right now we are talking about several people being
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ejected during a game between the a's and the red sox, and it was all due to a banner. we will have more on that when we come back. the conservative set to speak on the cal campus and what the city of berkeley is doing for the possibility of a protest. a bad crash on 580 westbound, and that is a deadly crash at the eden canyon road blocking almost all lanes with traffic backing up into pleasanton. we will let you know about alternate routes coming up. well well well, what have we here?
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♪ love can come to everyone ♪ the best things in life they're free ♪ ♪ this is mornings on 2 . >> good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 on this thursday, september 14. i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. this tree fell down on two cars yesterday afternoon in the outer richmond district and luckily no one was hurt but look at that tree branch. a man was driving by in his porsche and the tree fell on his car. he was able to get out safely. >> i was just driving, and my lucky day and the tree fell on
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me while driving. they had to get a chainsaw to get me out, and here i am. >> the other car was parked in we have no official word on why that tree fell but there have been strong wind and rain in the bay area over the last few days. at lake tahoe, take a look at this waterspout from yesterday afternoon. it made contact with the water around 4:30 pm and captured on a number of cell phones. the national weather service said that this waterspout was part of that severe weather system that led to tornado warnings in the lake tahoe area and in western nevada. i know we heard from one of our frequent tweeters who said that his daughter is up there. >> nevada and reno has been getting a lot of thunderstorms. >> that would make sense in the mountains but that is surprising down here. >> we did have a good show yesterday. while it was
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pouring in santa rosa we had people in sonoma and petaluma say there is nothing here which is the way of the thunderstorms. we have low clouds and the states is -- stage is set for cooler pattern. we have breeze kicking in for some out of the west and here's that low between bakersfield, la , and low clouds giving way to mostly sunny skies. 50s and 60s on the temperatures with thunderstorms out of the picture, 50s and 60s. 58 at cupertino and 56 with water temperatures in the 60s. over the next few weeks it will be low to mid 50s if everything continues to march in as advertised. oakland, hayward and half moon bay with low clouds. we have this weak system sweeping into the north with this first front. 60s and 70s for most.
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what is going on? >> pretty much the same, and we have a deadly crash on 580 getting into the castro valley. this happened just after 4 am on westbound 580 near the eden canyon road. several big rigs and cars got into a wreck and one person has died as a result. the traffic is jammed coming up on the dublin interchange. 680 heading south is the alternate but that is also jammed. some people going through highway 24 and westbound that traffic is heavier than normal through lafayette up to oakland. at the bay bridge we have normal commute, 15 to 20 minute delay. no major commute problems on interstate 880 south into san jose. the south bay commute is mostly good except for slowing on northbound 101 approaching the to aid -- 280 interchange. today the city of berkeley
6:33 am
and the cal campus are beefing up security for the speech tonight by the conservative ben shapiro on the campus. >> christien kafton is on the campus with the latest on the preparations underway. what is it looking like with this unprecedented security? >> reporter: unprecedented security is already busy at the cal campus. this is bancroft running on the south side. this is the telegraph avenue area and essentially shut down for one block in each direction. you can see the k rail here to direct vehicles or pedestrians that could be out in this area or possibly protesters showing up later today. all of this only a few yards from this area where the protesters have vowed together later this morning. here in the lower sprow is the
6:34 am
zellerbach hall where ben shapiro is set to speak later this evening. >> they are calling me a white supremacist and i am unorthodox you. >> reporter: there was little fanfare when the last speech occurred and this campus has been rocked by protests. there was one aimed at blocking the speech from another conservative speaker, milo yiannopoulos. they are bowing -- vowing to speak peacefully but they have no control over the militant groups they say, and they are less physical about it. >> we do support their calls but we are nonviolent. we respect the right to self- defense but we are pledged to nonviolence. >> it is troublesome that it comes to this that people have to worry about their personal safety only for coming to hear
6:35 am
a conservative speak on their campus. >> reporter: we have talked about the security measures around the campus and they will be fencing off the perimeter around the zellerbach hall and other areas around the location of the speech. the city has a ban on sticks, pipes or poles in the area so that no one can make improvised weapons. ben shapiro is scheduled to take the stage at 7:00 at the zellerbach hall. this is not the end of all this because steve bannon and milo yiannopoulos are set to speak on the cal campus later this month. this could be a test drive to see how the city and cal campus handle this large-scale protests when the conservative speakers come to speak on campus. >> do we know if there is any labs or classes, meetings or anything that have been canceled for tonight or moved away from the area of the
6:36 am
campus? >> reporter: so far we do not know how this will disrupt the activities in the area. you understand, that the cal campus area here is the area were not a lot of classes happen in this area of the concert hall. the asc you building -- ascu building is also here and it is unclear how this will affect the academics on campus but we will work on finding out how these things are happening and how the students are faring as well. stay with us on ktvu and on for the latest continuing coverage, and we will be watching the speech of ben shapiro and keeping an eye out for any possible protests. the poll of registered california voters revealing many people are in favor of the free speech restrictions for
6:37 am
white nationalists and other hate groups, and according to the poll on governmental studies, to 3% of the democrats believe that white nationalists should not have the right to demonstrate compared to 42% of republicans and 39% of independent voters. the poll was conducted two weeks ago and included 1200 registered california voters 66% of the voters believing that race relations have worsened in the last year. last night the game between the a's and the red sox, some baseball fans delivered a message and the fans seated above the green monster lowered this sign denouncing racism in the fourth inning. " racism is as american as baseball" and the sign was up for a couple of minutes until the umpires asked that it be removed. from the fans to the mayor's
6:38 am
weighing in on the oakland a's plans for the new stadium and the a's revealed the vision on the website video yesterday showing where the team wants to plant its roots and hoping to build the privately financed stadium near downtown off of interstate 880 near lake merritt. the open mayor says she is glad to keep the team in town without spending public dollars but there is concern about putting that 35,000 seat stadium in the neighborhood with longtime residents and businesses. >> i want to be able to parked in front of my house and get in my garage. i don't want to have to pick up trash.>> some say that the oakland area is already causing problems with the construction dust, traffic and rising housing costs. other fans say it is a great location for the team but the proposal has to be approved by the community college district which owns that land. the nine month old pitbull is recovering this morning and this is a tough story.
6:39 am
it had surgery after being severely beaten by its owner. this people puppy, allie, was rescued by good samaritans and taken by animal services in alameda county. the owner, the 23-year-old, joshua, beat her in the garage in hayward and both sides of the top job -- jaw were broken, and her back and hind legs were covered in bruises. >> had she been an older dog would probably would've had to put her down but she is resilient and has personality and charm. >> the defendant gave a statement to the police admitting to pretty much everything including the fact that he not only used his this -- fist but also a six foot wood rod to beat the dog. >> the suspect pled not guilty to the charge of felony animal cruelty and bail was set at
6:40 am
$10,000. in the meantime, allie is staying with a foster family as she recovers from the facial reconstructive surgery and they are collecting donations to help to pay for the cost of the surgery. san francisco may soon ban glass containers in the city parks, and the committee members agreed that the ban should be approved with a decision expected next week. the supervisors are dropping the plans for the $1000 fine for littering in dolores park because they say that would unfairly hurt the low income residents. california lawmakers sent a bill to governor brown making first-year community college free for many students waving the $46 per unit being paid by the full-time freshmen and the state would cover the annual cost at $31 million per year. the critics hoping this will increase community college enrollment and help to boost the college completion rates. it is 4:30 am.
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we have a major traffic problem with the deadly big rig crash on interstate 580. coming up we will be live again with the latest on this tragic situation. the airplane seats are getting smaller and smaller, and now there are questions about the safety and the potential danger of passengers that fly coach. a new experience at the fisherman's wharf in san francisco and why you may want to stop before heading home for dinner. we have been covering that crash since 4 am but we are looking at other traffic as well with san francisco traffic moderate, the bay bridge is okay, and we have another update on the cracks on 580 coming up. the thunderstorms are gone but low clouds in place with the cooler pattern. attern.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the market is having a pretty good week but so far this morning the numbers are down by 10 points on the dow jones, nasdaq and s&p 500 are also down. they have been a record run on highs and we will watch those numbers your the ceo of equifax will testify before the congressional panel about the massive data breach that affected the personal information of 143 million
6:45 am
americans. richard smith, ceo, scheduled to testify on october 3. they want him to testify on the breach that is raise serious questions about the security of personal information saying the equifax hack was among the largest recorded including personal information like names, birthdays, addresses, social security and driver's license numbers. martin shkreli, the former drug company ceo, back in jail after his bail was revoked. he went on facebook offering to pay $5000 for a strand of the hair from hillary clinton and the judge said that could be seen as a threat. his lawyers argued that is medical satire. last month martin shkreli was convicted in a securities fraud case facing 20 years in print and when sentenced in january. the legal analyst said the decision yesterday could be a signal of how he will be
6:46 am
sentenced. >> i don't think there is any precedent for this because you don't see anyone being remanded for the social media post. >> before being convicted best known for raising the price of the life-saving drug by more than 5000%. california lawmakers are working to hold the drug companies accountable and reducing the skyrocketing drug prices. the governor has a new bill on his desk requiring the health plans and insurance companies to break down and report the premiums and drug cost information to the state amer wires drugmakers to give 60 days notice before raising prices significantly on certain drugs. the backers say that the big pharmaceutical lobbyists try to kill the bill but it received bipartisan support yesterday. you can now purchase your fish directly from the boats at the san francisco fisherman's wharf. the port of san francisco revived the old policy to allow fishermen to sell directly to
6:47 am
the public for this one year trial. it is based on a policy implemented in 1999 but never renewed after expired in 2000. the commercial fishermen will have to get a few permits and licenses from the state in order to sell to the public. a new report says that flying coach could be potentially dangerous in the case of an emergency. there may not be enough room to brace for an impact in a crash because the seats are too close together. the space between the airline seats has been shrinking over the years but the report says that the federal regulations are outdated and not based on the amount of space between the seats today. it is 6:47 am. let's see what is coming up next on mornings on 2. >> when i join you in minutes we have our first black friday circular in the mail and i thought of you, pam. you can bet the big retail chains are thinking about the holidays and we will going to
6:48 am
details with the target hiring plan for the holidays, as well as the big online giants and target is taking them on on the stores and websites. we are dealing with the aftereffect of harvey at the gas pump and california drivers are paying the highest grasp -- gas prices we have seen in over a month after they shut down a quarter of the u.s. refining capacity. we will tell you which bay area cities have the highest gas prices. the stories and much more when i join you in moments. it is six 48 -- 6:48 am. tesla is about to unveil the electric big rig truck. >> elon musk calling it his beast, and tesla semi trucks unveiled and the test drive is tentatively scheduled for october 26 in hawthorne. "it is worth seeing the beast
6:49 am
in person peers quote -- the time is 6:49 am. it has been a busy commute and sal has the information. >> we have crash on 580 westbound that we've been talking about since 4:00 this morning. there was a big rig, asked a couple of big rig's, that crashed into each other. the coroner has arrived on the scene but all the lanes are still closed on 580 westbound. people using alternate routes like the side roads to get around this and it is causing a big traffic jam on 580. let's put this on the map. this is where the crash occurred where i have this white arrow. the people are coming up here and figuring out this is the worst traffic in a while so they head south on 680. some could be going north on 680 to head up the highway 24.
6:50 am
some may just decide not to go yet. while we are here, we take a look at the other traffic was 680 slow along with highway 4 through contra costa county. interstate 80 is low from hercules down to richmond. the regular commute goes on despite this big problem in the castro valley area. highway 24 is sluggish at the lafayette bart station. at the bay bridge a typical delay of 25 minutes with 880 not looking too bad. southbound 17 we have crash, and northbound 17 near the reservoir we have crash. you will see a lot of slow traffic coming in from the scotts valley down into the valley. it is 6:50 am. we have a lot of low clouds in place with the thunderstorms moving off into the sierra, nevada and into las vegas. for as low clouds with a little drizzle. we have a few breaks in the clouds with his weak system
6:51 am
coming down and the northern edge just coming into the picture. we have low between bakersfield and los angeles meandering but once it gets its kicker of the upstream system pushing it inland. and we have good thunderstorm activity near las vegas. for us low clouds with the cooler pattern. temperatures settling in below average which is not something we have said much in the last few months. low 60s in alameda and oakland, upper 50s for san francisco and downtown. cooler temperatures for sure. 60s for some with san jose warmer at 65 because they have low clouds. rohnert park, petaluma and mill valley along with kensington cool and in the 50s. kelseyville at 50. water temperatures still in the 60s but we expect over the next week they will dip a good 5 to 7 degrees with this northwest wind.
6:52 am
west at hayward, oakland and san francisco along with the delta so we had the breezes. 62 in monterey, 54 and ukiah, lake tahoe with a waterspout yesterday and thunderstorm activity much more quiet today. the low 50s moved out allowing this weak system to come in with this northwest breeze which should scour out some fog. the fog is popped up early associated with the fog. 60s and 70s with a few low 80s. this is the coolest temperatures we have seen in quite some time. 82 and vacaville and napa at 76. low 80s in antioch, oakley and brentwood, but 70s for livermore and san ramon, 60s and 70s, and downtown san jose nice and cool at 74. and is on the financial, 60s on the coast. not much change some cool
6:53 am
patterns over the next few days. it is 6:53 am. the bart board will meet this afternoon and coming up what that vote today could mean to the local businesses. finding a place to stay in monterey will soon get a little more challenging. we will see what is changing next month.
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welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. lava pouring out of a volcano in hawaii this morning, officials said that the area is closed to the public because of ongoing volcanic hazards. the eruption has been going since last summer in small parts. bart is expected to take steps today to include local lgbt contractors for his modernization project. they are going to how old a vote on whether or not to give bid presence to the lgbt chapel of commerce, the plan would be
6:57 am
to give a leg up to small lgbt businesses in the bay area. the symphony is opening tonight. the orchestra's 106th opening pays tribute to leonard bernstein and they will feature yo yo ma. a popular tv character known for playing mob hit men has died. frank vin sent was -- vincent was 80 years old. from the movie casino, he also appeared in the hit tv show the
6:58 am
sopranos. he died in a hospital in new jersey after heart surgery. silicon valley technology will be soon helping to fight urban graffiti. in san jose, a couple came up with a way to let drones paint over graffiti. city officials said drones would be a lot cheaper than the thousands of dollars spent every year removing graffiti. caltrans likes the idea because closing the freeways to remove the graffiti costs money.
6:59 am
the prototypes still have been to be refined but they hope to have them busy removing graffiti by next summer. the city of monterey is going to begin a ban on short term rentals next month. in april, the monterey city council sill passed an awrd nan for penalties of $100 a day for anyone that advertises a short term rental. air bnb said the site offers an alternative to expensive hotels in the city. a truck is backing up
7:00 am
traffic for miles on i-80. taking a tour of the damage caused by hurricane irma, the president is taking a trip to florida this morning. mornings on 2 mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu fox news mornings on 2 mornings on 2. >> such a busy thursday today. >> good morning, i am dave clark. less talk about the weather. steve has a lot to tell us. >> good morning, we have a pretty good fog bank, the thunderstorms are gone but the low clouds are in place and a change has begun. meteorological fall has begun. 2 miles north east of the petaluma airport, the


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